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Are you looking for a fast, easy, and reliable way to prune your plants? Do you want to save time, energy, and money on your gardening tasks? If so, you need the Zenport EP27 cordless electric pruner!

Zenport Cordless Pruner EP27 EPruner Battery Powered Electric Pruner, 1.25-Inch Cut

The Zenport EP27 is a battery-powered electric pruner that can cut up to 1.25 inches of branches with ease. It is ideal for various pruning tasks in nurseries, vineyards, orchards, landscapes, and gardens. It has three modes of operation: progressive, adaptive, and simple. The progressive mode adjusts the cutting speed according to movement of the trigger, while the adaptive mode allows you set the blade opening according to different cut sizes. The simple mode is a quick and easy way to make clean cuts with minimal time and battery power.

The Zenport EP27 has many benefits over manual pruners. First, it is faster. Regular pruning takes time, but electronic garden pruners can slice through branches in seconds. Second, it is more efficient. The electric pruner has a brushless motor that has a longer service life than conventional motors. Third, it is more convenient. The battery-powered pruner does not require any cords or gas, so you can use it anywhere without worrying about emissions or spills. Fourth, it is more comfortable. The electric pruner reduces wrist and hand fatigue associated with using manual pruners.

Zenport Cordless Pruner EP27 EPruner Battery Powered Electric Pruner, 1.25-Inch Cut

The Zenport EP27 comes with three rechargeable lithium batteries that can last up to 6000 cuts per charge. It also comes with a charger, a carrying case and a user manual. The electric pruner is easy to use and maintain. You just need to press the trigger button and let the pruner do its work.

This pruner is super light weighing in at 1.6-pounds/0.7kg without the battery and 2.1-pounds with the battery. The razor-sharp cutting blade is made of high quality SK5 Japanese steel.  Impact resistant carrying case keeps the tool and accessories safe and secure while storing or traveling to the job.  Portable maintenance toolbox helps keep this electric pruner operating at optimal performance for many years.

Zenport Cordless Pruner EP27 EPruner Battery Powered Electric Pruner, 1.25-Inch Cut

The cordless pruner comes with 3 x 14.4V battery packs. Includes all cables and charging adapter which is compatible with both 120V and 240V outlets.  The charging adapter includes 3 battery charging connectors allowing you to charge 3 battery packs at once! Having 3 battery packs allows you to swap them out continuously giving you nonstop pruning action. Batteries are compatible with the Zenport EP108 and EP26 cordless pruners.

If you want to experience the best pruning performance ever, order your Zenport EP27 cordless electric pruner today! You will love how it makes your pruning tasks easier and faster than ever before!

Zenport Cordless Pruner EP27 EPruner Battery Powered Electric Pruner, 1.25-Inch Cut

New Cordless Pruner Features:

  • Progressive cut mode – precise control the speed and position of the blade with the trigger.
  • Adaptive cut – hard set the blade to any resting position to speed up cuts and save battery power.
  • Digital LCD Readout – Intuitive battery level by percentage and “cutometer” showing number cuts per session and lifetime.

Progressive Cut Mode

The progressive cut mode allows the user to control the speed and position of the cutting blade with the trigger giving the user more precise pruning mimicking the use of a manual pruning shear.  This is new to the Zenport cordless pruner line-up.  This feature was only included in the more powerful corded battery powered pruners that have the high-capacity battery packs.

Adaptive Cut

Included with the progressive cut mode, this pruner features adaptive cut which allows you to set the opening resting position to whichever diameter you wish.  In progressive cut mode you simply hold the blade in any position for 3 seconds (an audible beep is heard when set) setting the resting position of the blade when the trigger is released. 

The adaptive cut mode gives the user the ability speed up pruning smaller cuttings allowing the blades to open exactly to the diameter of the cut.  This also saves battery power as the blade does not need to waste power opening the blade set all of the way.  Increase speed and save precious battery power!

Simple “Hair-Trigger” Mode

In addition to the progressive cut the user can switch to the simple “hair-trigger” mode which when the trigger is initially pulled, the blades will begin to complete a full cut without needing to pull the trigger all the way back.  This increases the reaction time of the cut.  This mode mimics operation like an air pneumatic pruner but much safer.  Unlike air pneumatic pruners, whenever you release the trigger the blade will stop moving and return to the resting position immediately.

Digital LCD Readout

This cordless pruner also offers an easy-to-read digital LCD display which gives you valuable information about the operation of your cordless pruner.  The display shows you the exact battery charge as a percentage inside of an illustrative battery icon.  The number of cuts per session along with life of the tool are also displayed.  This gives you better sense of performance of the user and the tool.  It is also useful to gauge maintenance cycles.



1-Year Zenport 100% USA Based Warranty, Service, Parts and Repairs.

Battery Care

Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries are an awesome technology constantly improving and that is why they are very expensive. Please follow these battery care tips to get the longest life and best performance out of them.

  • Li-ion batteries can handle only 800 to 1,000 complete discharge cycles
  • Charge your battery to full capacity at least once a month
  • Don’t leave them in the car—either in the cabin or the trunk. Heat (above 140 degrees F) and subzero cold can reduce battery life by 15 percent
  • Storing a battery in direct sunlight can really heat it up, so shield it from the sun
  • Don’t store a discharged battery that has less than one-half charge. Give it a full charge and then store it.
Zenport Cordless Pruner EP27 EPruner Battery Powered Electric Pruner, 1.25-Inch Cut

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